🧠Big Brain Bimmy!

A slingy-flingy platformer!

Big Brain Bimmy!, originally my entry in the 2019 Coolmath Game Jam, is getting an improved version for release on mobile! (and probably PC too).

My plans for this game have grown and evolved a lot, though I can't really get into the specifics here. There was a version of the game I had in mind when I started work on the mobile version, and that core idea began to evolve over time. I created a custom tool for making the game's levels, but even after a complete revision, that tool wasn't very good, and the overall direction the game's systems were taking wasn't good either.

So, after making Run, Doodleguy! in early 2020, I began to rework Bimmy into something much better, starting mostly from scratch (pretty much only salvaging Bimmy's movement code). Again, I won't go into the specifics, but my plans for it were bigger, the systems were better thought out, and I made an actually passable level editor. (though still not as good as I would've liked...)

At the time I'm writing this (February 2022), Bimmy's development is on hiatus while I work on the Steam version of Run, Doodleguy! (which I actually started making to practice developing a feature I'd like to have in Bimmy *wink*). Once again, my plans for Bimmy have grown and evolved a ton, and I think my plans for it are in a near-final state.

When I return to Bimmy, I'm gonna start from near-scratch once again with the new direction in mind. I still want the game to be a surprise right now, but what I will say is that my dream version of Bimmy is a game that sparks a love for game development in its players. Something like the games and platforms that inspired me to become a game developer.

Will I do it? Who knows! I hope so! Wish me luck. :)

Sure hope I can make a good level editor this time......

Classic Version


  • Release Date: Eventually™
  • Genre: Platformer
  • Players: 1
  • Control Scheme: Touchscreen / Mouse
  • Platforms: Mobile, PC